Message of Condolence

Mr. Harry Pearson passed away on this November 4 at the age of 77, in his own house located at Sea Cliff, NY. He established his fame as a unique critique of high end audio by founding “The Absolute Sound” magazine. His pure attitude of pursuing the ideal audio, not falling into meaningless detail arguments about equipment specs, attracted many of enthusiastic audiophiles.
It should be especially noted that Mr. Pearson kept "The Absolute Sound” independent of the equipment industry to avoid the influences of commercialism, and kept writing about his pilgrimage for the ideal music sources, and equipments that can revive the spirit of recorded masterpieces.
Mr. Pearson showed his strong interest on our system at the show in NY 2009, and since then he continued earnest discussion with our president Dr Kubo about the ideal audio music. He recognized the value of  Dr Kubo's sincere attitude of searching for the finest LP records and developing the equipments to reproduce the recorded music without adding any electronic magics, digital nor analog. Of course he also expressed his candid advices to us, and we thank him very much for his encouraging comments.
It is our pleasure that we could help him enjoy the music with our tools till he ended his precious life.
May he rest in peace with good music he loved.

Mr. Harry Pearson and our president Dr Kubo

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