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Our Story
1979 4   KUBOTEK stated operation. (Medical Electronics Equipment)
1981 6 Started R&D of industrial equipments for factory automation.
1982 7   Started development for image processing technologies, and manufacturing of robots with vision.
1985 7 KUBOTEK Corporation was founded for expansion of business.
Capital=10million yen
1987 4   Developed an Optical Exterior Inspection System.
1988 10 Developed CAD software. Tokyo Office was opened for starting and expanding sales.
1990 10   Kyoto Factory was opened for expansion of KUBOTEK Exterior Inspection Systems.
1991 10 Kyoto Factory was expanded, and the second term construction was finished.
1992 1   Universal FA Controller was developed.
1993 8 Optics very high speed and precise Image Processing Exterior Inspection System was developed.
1997 3 Seoul Support Center was opened for off-shore business expansion. The third term construction of Kyoto Factory was finished.
Capital=240million yen
6 MPEG related units were developed and sold.
9 Medi@net business was started.
1998 9   Started development of Semiconductor Inspection Equipment "Optics SEMICON".
1999 4 Medi@net products were developed.
2000 1   Taiwan Support Center was opened for expansion of off-shore business.
  8   Capital=624million yen
2001 1 Tainan Support Center was opened to expand business.
2 Went IPO at Mothers market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Capital=1,474million yen
 2002 4   Capital=1,951million yen
2003 2   KUBOTEK was transferred to the 1st section from the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
   9   Kubotek USA,Inc was founded.
2004 9 "Haniwa-Audio Space Creation System" is announced.
2005 3 The next generation Optics NEW-G was developed.
10 Shanghai Branch was opened to expand business.
2022 4 KUBOTEK was transferred to the Standard Market from the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Korea Branch continues business.


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