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KUBOTEK's Creation Engineering Business is based on the Cybernetic Technology.

To Inspection System's page Inspection Systems Div.
This division is manufacturing and selling the flexible and versatile inspection for manufacturing industry. The Optics products are composed of our own image processing algorithms, the super high capacity image processing computer system, and highly modularized mechanism with advanced control functions. At present, the inspection of flat panel display is our major application, and the area of application will be expanded widely and quickly.

To Media&Network System's page Media and Network Systems Div.
This division is to supply the systems in which the compression of high quality image/video data and network are integrated.
Video acquisition, compression, expansion, distribution, and media functions are packed into small modules. By using these modules, flexible video network systems can be made without using PCs. They are now used for various remote monitoring systems, public video display systems, etc.

To Creaton Engineering's page Creation Engineering Div.
Based on our belief that the total support of creative manufacturing requires much more than conventional inter-separated CAD/CAM/CAT packages, we built the concept of Computer Assisted Creation system, in which the measurement and machining functions are tightly combined with the modeling function. The division is making and selling CAC products, and is aiming to assist Japanese engineers who are enduring with the non-integrated CAD tools which are dominantly supplied by oversea vendors.


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